Ruff justice? Alleged ‘Drunkard Arrested for Barking at Police Dog in Car’

Original Article by By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:00 PM on 6th April 2011

In another example of potentially increasing stazi-style bizzare arrests in the U.S.A., 25 year old Ryan James Stevens has been charged with teasing ‘Timber’, a K9 animal inside Ohio Police Officer Bradely Walker’s patrol car.

No statement was published from the victim, but the Mason, Ohio Police Department was more than accommodating to speak for Ryan James Stevens and get the first statement on record. Now anyone who knows anything about K9 dogs is that:

  • They are highly trained animals capable of responding to numerous commands immediately and efficiently
  • The personality traits sought out in K9 animals are typically dogs who are “obsessed with the ball”

The reason for the second point is that when a K9 possesses this personality trait, it provides the highest chance of discovering drugs or contraband since the dog will typically not be distracted by food or other scents it might come across. When training the dogs officers will rub a ball in marijuana, so when a search for drugs in a car is conducted the command “Go get the ball boy!”

According to the OPD, after James was drinking at a bar he was hissing and barking at the K9 dog ‘Timber’. ‘Timber’ responded by barking violently and that’s what drew Officer Walker’s attention. Officer Walker said he tried to confront James but James tried to walk away, and allegedly ignored orders to stop. Officer Walker said James was “showing signs of intoxication” and asked him why he was agitating the dog, and that doing so could injure the dog. James allegedly replied “The dog started it.”

James was ordered to sit in the back of another squad car, allegedly was neither given a breathalyzer test, nor a sobriety test, and was later released to a bar tender who promised to drive James home. His municipal court date is April 21, 2011.

TheAverageJoeNewsBlogg would like to know, if James could not give his side of the story, is the Ohio PD statement free from bias? Could the Dog have started barking aggressively first and Jame’s response angered Officer Walker? This case has happened before but in much more extreme cases, like when a federal police officer felt a shot and-killed ‘Bear-Bear’, a siberian husky, for playing too rough with his dog in a dog park. ABC News also covered the shocking story.


 What do you think? Have you had any experiences where police potentially have exaggerated events you may have been in? We want to hear from you.