The GridEx II (Cyber Attack Drill) will be conducted this Nov 13th and 14th. The previous article we ran didn’t jump out at you with the exact dates. Here is that previous article and the be sure to click the Grid Ex II link and see that unlike the mass hysteria of them actually taking the grid down, it really looks like they will be just role playing in a conference room. But, on the other hand we know they like to say they were conducting a drill, when all hell breaks loose.

Major U.S. Cyber Attack On U.S. Power Grid Drill In November

I also wanted to provide you with American Blackout done by National Geographic, a must see. Be sure to stock up on at least 10 days of food and water by the 12th of November, and if you choose canned food be sure to have a hand can opener. You can get one at the dollar store if you lack funds. While your there grab some candles, flashlights and batteries. But something tells me if your on my blog, then you already have all this and allot more. But just for fun I am gonna link you to the amazing video I found on how to open a can without a opener:)


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